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Connie volunteered at a school project that provides free English education to children from poor families. She taught English as a teaching assistant together with a Cambodian teacher.


“Nothing in the world could possibly include how life changing an experience it was. I feel that volunteering helped define me as a person and gave my life so much more meaning than it had before, because of all the people you meet along the way. When I signed up to volunteer in Cambodia I thought it would be an amazing experience, but it surpassed every level of my expectation. I still miss it.”

~ Connie (19), UK

Dana worked at an organization that provides shelter, care and education to former street children in Siem Reap. Being an architect, Dana ran classes teaching basic architecture. She also worked as a sports coach on the weekends. 

“Interweave is an incredible organization. For so many people coming from all around the world to Cambodia to volunteer within a culture so totally different from their own, Interweave’s thoughtfulness, ability to think ‘outside the box’ and create something a bit different from the norm and their easy-going attitudes made for a seamless integration into the Cambodian culture. I had anticipated being a bit homesick for at least a little while during my three months in Cambodia, but that has not happened once!”

~ Dana (26), USA

Dominik taught English and German to teenagers at a language school located in a Buddhist pagoda. In the last week of his volunteer programme Dominik lived as a monk at the pagoda.


"Volunteering in Cambodia gave me invaluable insights into another culture, people and way of living."

~ Dominik (23), Germany

Sandra and Hilary volunteered with a grass roots aid organization in a countryside village. Sandra was involved in an income generating project for women and Hilary taught English.

“My time in Cambodia was fabulous! Cambodia is full of (unexpected) love and opened my heart again.”

                                                                   ~ Sandra (41), The Netherlands

“Cambodia is a beautiful and inviting country and I’ve loved the opportunity to explore and experience more than the average tourist. My project was superb and I loved every minute I spent in the village!”

                                                                                        ~ Hilary (26), UK

Ashley, Jessica and Tom worked at a training college for future primary school teachers, where they taught English. Ashley also taught IT-related subjects to the staff and Tom ran sports classes in basket- and volleyball.

"Volunteering with Interweave in Cambodia was possibly the most rewarding and enjoyable thing I've ever done."                                                         

~ Jessica (26), UK

“Volunteering in Cambodia was a rewarding experience and an opportunity to learn more about another culture by becoming a part of it. My experience with Interweave taught me valuable people skills. Teaching provided satisfaction in being able to contribute to students' learning in a meaningful way.”

~ Tom (24), Australia

“I came for 4 months, stayed for 8…”                                           

~Ashley (28), UK

Marieke volunteered in Cambodia for 8 weeks and stayed at ‘Thida’s House – Community Housing for Volunteers’, Interweave’s own volunteer accommodation in Siem Reap.

“The house is beautiful; we had a bathroom, breakfast was served every morning and the electricity mostly worked!”

~ Marieke (19), The Netherlands

Gultekin and Alana worked at a small center where former street children and orphans built up a new life living with other deprived children in a foster family.

“The best part for me about staying for 4 months was seeing the progress the kids had made – it’s amazing that a 14-year-old pronouncing a plural without prompting can totally make your day!”

~ Alana (22), Australia

“Actually, words fail me to describe how amazing Cambodia and Interweave were. An experience not to be missed.”

~ Gultekin (18), UK

Derani and Jolanda lived in a countryside village with a host family and worked at the local primary school, where their host organization provides basic care and education. Jolanda taught English. Derani is a nurse and midwife and taught basic health care and hygiene.

“I came to Cambodia in search of a challenge and I definitely found it!. Experiencing the countryside Cambodian living was a fantastic learning experience, as was overcoming the challenges of language barriers and the difference in culture. I feel satisfied with educating something as simple as hygiene and basic health care within the village and have hopefully taught at least one person so that the diseases that are spread by bacteria will decline at least a little. It is an experience I will treasure and remember forever and I hope to come back to Cambodia in the near future.”

~ Derani (32), Australia

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. With a smile on your face you ‘survive’ Cambodia.”

~ Jolanda (21), The Netherlands


Petra volunteered at a training college for future primary school teachers. She taught English.

“I came to bring a little help to Cambodia and got so much more back in return! Thanks to all the people I have met!”

~ Petra (42), Germany

David worked at a Buddhist pagoda in the countryside, where a local organization run by one of the monks provides education to over 500 children in 8 different villages. David ran English classes at a ‘handmade’ school in one of the villages, organized much needed school supplies and spend a week on making tables and benches for his classroom.

“Cambodia is a beautiful place full of surprises. This programme has inspired me and is one I’m not likely to forget.”

~ David (24), Australia

Jenni worked as a teaching assistant to a Cambodian teacher, teaching English to children and young adults in a school at a local pagoda.

“The cow and the water buffalo, was how my teacher described our working relationship. Both are different and do different things, but live and work happily together.”

~ Jenni (22), UK

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